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Sieve's focus is on enhancing patient centricity by relieving process bottlenecks caused due to site burnout.

“Research teams are the connection between Clinical Trials and patients: they are the ones identifying suitable trial-patient matches, helping people participate in clinical trials and journey with the patients through the trial lifecycle.

Burnout of this group is leading to process bottleneck which has ripple effect on the success of the entire clinical trial.”

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Diversify clinical trials
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Sieve’s advanced algorithm will help our partners to identify and include diverse participants in Clinical Trials to support development of robust medical products.


Sieve’s unique platform seeks to disrupt the traditional healthcare delivery model by providing the visibility of clinical trials to patients and community care providers regardless of their location.

Decentralize clinical trial matching platform


Sieve’s advanced Clinical Trial matching platform challenges limitation of patient recruitment to existing research sites and promotes involvement of community health practices, physician organizations and participants, expanding the scope of potential participant groups.

Digitalize clinical trials


Sieve’s proprietary AI based platform transforms the trial feasibility, site selection, participant identification and trial performance management processes to enable faster recruitments and significantly reduced operational efforts & cost by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Clinical trial research

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GLSA’s Global Network of solutions incorporates a variety of CROs and specialty vendors to support the specific needs of your clinical trial. Our network includes full-service CROs, biometrics, site selection, patient recruitment and retention, clinical supply chain management, and more. GLSA pre-qualifies all members of our network so you can be comfortable working with quality service providers.

We connect Sponsors with the CRO that has the right experience, culture, and capabilities to execute their research protocol. We leverage our extensive experience and harness our key relationships to work for CROs. We can fill any gaps you need to support your client’s trials. GLSA takes the guesswork out of vendor selection with our industry experts and experience.

What are your challenges? Contact GLSA to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your speed to market.